Forming the individual and the family for Christ is part of our mission. Christian formation happens as we connect with God in community. We offer a variety of ways for all ages to connect with others, as they are formed in the faith and sent out to serve. 



At Apostles, we believe God is already moving in our children; speaking to, and through, them. Our Children’s Ministry seeks to nurture those stirrings by sharing the stories of God’s people; helping each child connect with their own experience and relationship with God. Through the creative and imaginative approach of Godly Play, the children at Apostles are given access to religious language and freedom to wonder and claim their own spirituality, grounded in Christian teachings and principles. This year we extended the offerings to the older children using Godly Play’s spiral curriculum approach, integrating as the children get older, the whole Christian language system with Biblical enrichment and extension lessons. Come join us!

Nursery... Newborns to Toddlers

Children are urged to join the Godly Play circle as soon as they, and their parents, think they are ready; typically this is at 4 years, although some 3 year olds have been known to join the circle. They start the church hour in the Godly Play room, joining their family later for communion. Children stay in this same classroom for 3 years, hearing the sacred and gospel parable stories of the Bible, as well as participating in rich liturgical story experiences.

2nd & 3rd Grades

For the emerging readers in this age group, the core Godly Play stories are expanded to include many deep enriching stories from the Bible. Over the course of the two years in this classroom, they expand not only their knowledge of the core sacred stories but begin to understand deeper their placement in the historical and spiritual timeline of Jesus. Children begin in the main sanctuary and are then dismissed for class and return for communion.

4th Grade Up

The spiral Godly Play curriculum continues to expand for the older children as they explore the rich overarching themes of the Bible and the messianic Gospel. Following a Bible Study approach, children are encouraged to research, connect and claim the good news of the Gospel as their own. Children begin in the main sanctuary and then are dismissed for class and return for communion.


Church of the Apostles, Fairhope, AL, an Anglican congregation of 300 + members, is searching for a Director of Youth Ministry. This individual will work with the clergy and Youth Team to help develop, guide and provide resources to build a viable Youth Ministry. For a review of the Vision and Mission for Church of the Apostles’ Youth Ministry please click  HERE. All job applications can be directed to Robert Seawell, Rector of Church of the Apostles.


Small Groups 

Small groups are a great way to connect with others and deepen one’s faith. Various small groups meet throughout the area at different/times locations. To find a small group, click here.

Newcomers Class

Class of New Apostles is our newcomers and inquirers class offered regularly throughout the year. This class is an introduction to our church and the Anglican tradition. For more information, click here.


Each week in our liturgy, we ask God “to send us out into the world to do the work [he has] given us to do, to love and serve [him] as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord.” As Christ gathers us and forms us, so he sends us to serve him in many ways. The Apostles community actively serves various local non-profits, also seeking renewal of the Bay Area and restoration of lives. We currently serve and partner with Under His Wings, Refuge for Women, Ecumenical Ministry, Kairos, Mobile Rescue Mission, the Shoulder, Women’s Care Medical Center, ACT II, and Dwell Mobile.  

Our desire for gospel renewal also extends internationally. We currently support overseas mission work in Haiti, Honduras and Tanzania.