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June 3 - November 25, 2018

Ordinary is the time from the Sunday after Trinity Sunday until the Sunday before Advent. The focus of the season is on the “ordinary” — the simple, everyday (some would call “mundane”) occurrences of life. In these places, we believe Jesus comes and offers us new life. So we don’t gloss over the time between Easter and Advent — we dive deeply into life with the Spirit!

Our theme is “The Ordinary Life.” We hope that as we explore this theme together, we will discover and understand more of the ways God is present and at work in our everyday, “ordinary” lives.


June 13th,  July 11th,  and August 1st   from 6:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m.

We will host 3 gatherings this summer with dinner and teaching for children, students (upcoming 6th through 12th grade), and adults. Dinner is pot-luck style, which means everyone brings something to share. Because we’re focusing on the simple this season, we ask everyone to bring local, simple foods (fruits, nuts, & vegetables). Prior to the meal, various lawn games will be available for our gathering time. Feel free to come a little early and join in the fun! Also, we will have a giant summer scrapbook page available for everyone to add to each week. We ask everyone to take pictures of their ordinary summer time, print them, and bring them to put on the board. The more “ordinary” the better!


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During our Wednesday Gatherings, adults will study A Theology of the Ordinary by Julie Canlis. Canlis’ book is a quick read at only 68 pages, but this fantastic work sheds powerful light on the movement of God in our ordinary lives. Copies of the book are available in the church office for $10/book. They may also be purchased at livegodspeed.org.

Also, throughout Ordinary Time, we invite you to read another wonderful resource, Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren. Copies of the book are available in the church office for $12/book. They may also be purchased at amazon.com. Consider forming your own Ordinary Life small group to discuss with others the sacred practices in everyday life.

Additionally, as part of our weekly news email, we will include quotes, thoughts, and discussion questions from the week’s reading in Warren’s book. If you’re not already receiving weekly news emails from us, please email us and request to be added.